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Control the course of a big match!Birdie Crush


CBT 사전등록하면 캐디가 간다!

The Birdie Crush beta test begins soon!
Scout your favorite Caddie as a partner during the beta test!

1 out of 5 at random

  • Sherlock Puss
  • Fairy Donkey
  • Dollish Kitty
  • Secret Bunny
  • Brainy Panda

Get 300 Crystals
as well!
Try customizing your Caddie!

What is a Caddie?
A Caddie is a friend who helps you out on the field.
You can also scout a Caddie to acquire Stat Cards that increase your stats!

[Please Note]
1. Only Android users can join the beta test.
2. Beta test pre-registration reward and Friend Invite reward will be sent to your e-mail once the test begins.
3. Beta test pre-registration reward and Friend Invite reward can only be used during the test.
4. Event rewards may not be given properly if you fail to receive our e-mail due to spam settings or change of e-mail address.
5. All beta test rewards can only be claimed once. (Per account/ID/Device * Can't be used with other coupons)
6. Participating in this event through any unauthorized method may disqualify you from the beta test reward.
7. For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting https://www.withhive.com/help/inquire.

CBT에 꼭 참여해야만 하는 이유!

Special benefits given to beta test participants!
Complete missions during the test period
to acquire exclusive items, which can be used when the game officially launches!

  • Complete missions in the Beta Test Mission Achievement Event
    to get [Beta Test Exclusive Uniform]!
  • Achieve at least Platinum grade in Match Mode
    to acquire a Legendary Caddie Bag
    (limited edition)!
[Please Note]
Rewards will be sent after the game is officially launched to players who completed the above missions within the test period.
To receive the rewards, please make sure to create a character within 2 weeks from the official launch using the same HIVE account you used to sign up for the beta test.

친구야 골프 한 판?

Invite friends to play a match with
and get generous rewards!

  • Invite 1 friend
    25 Crystals
  • Invite 3 friends 100 Crystals

How to participate

  • Sign up for the Beta Test
  • Create Friend Invite URL
  • Share the URL
  • Have your friend sign up for the beta test!

Invited Friends: ##

Only the friends who participated in the pre-registration via the Friend Invite URL you created will count.

Event rewards will be sent once the beta test begins.

친구야 골프 한 판?

Control the course of a big match!
We present a casual, fun, enjoyable golf game!

SNS Share

[Privacy Policy]
For this event, Com2uS will be collecting the private information listed below in order to proceed with the event.
- Purpose & Usage: To send rewards for participating in the Pre-registration Event.
- Collected Information: E-mail address
- The collected private information will be kept for no longer than 6 months after the rewards have been sent.
- The private information will be collected when the user participates in the event after agreeing with the Private Policy.

If collected, your email address will be kept no longer than 6 months, and removed from our servers after all event winners have been contacted.
[Private Information Usage & Consignment Agreement]
Com2uS will be handling and entrusting private information in order to proceed with the event.
- The company to use & be consigned with the private information: Cheom Soft
- Usage & Consignment Details: Send e-mails
Do you agree to receive e-mail notifications informing you about new Com2uS games or other promotional events and offers associated with Com2uS Games?

You can still participate in this promotional event without consenting to the above.
Consent to this e-mail notification will be in effect for 12 months after the end of the event and the information will be kept for no longer than 6 months for the purpose of customer support and record confirmation.

* Please contact the Customer Support to cancel the subscription.