Dragon Blaze: Season 7 "At the End of the Universe"

The war between the light and the darkness begins!

"At the End of the Universe"

Planet Kassis, located in the Realm of the Gods, is home to numerous skyscraping towers. Although the majority of them have failed to pass the test of time, one remaining tower stands tall and proud. This very tower holds the power of El Gaia.This tower used to be where the goddess truthfully answered the questions of brave and worthy challengers who climbed Gaia's Hanging Gardens barehanded.The last hero to climb this tower was the one who defeated Krun, the last of the Seven Emperors.When the hero reached the top, he begged El Gaia for the truth. But shortly after, he was killed by Inpou, the reigning king and the Sun God Ra. The fallen hero's name was Osiris, the herald of death.Many eons later, Atum, one of the Seven Emperors, borrows Osiris' body and proceeds to resurrect himself.

Break past infinity! Infinity: First Impact

The infinite power of Exalted Allies grows even stronger when they come in contact with the origin of the world. Introducing a never-before-seen power: "Infinity: First Impact"

Draw out your allies' true powers! El Gaia's Weapons

Powerful weapons, blessed by Gaia herself, have revealed themselves to the world.

Season 7 Update Event Infinity Card Giveaway

To celebrate the Season 7 update,At the End of the Universe,we'll be giving away Infinity Card Select Summon x10!Get all the Infinity Cards you wanted and jump into the new Season 7 adventure with even stronger allies!※ Infinity Card Select Summon x10 lets you choose 10 allies you want,allowing you to obtain their Infinity Cards.(Cannot select the same ally more than once)

Season 7 Update Event Special Attendance Event

Special Attendance rewards are waiting for you! Log in now to celebrate the Season 7 update!

Check out this special celebration video for Season 7!

  • Dragon Blaze & Jung Gi Kim Collaboration

  • Dragon Blaze Season 7 Update Video