Prepare for the upcoming Guild Update!

Jul. 7th - before the update

PART 1.New Labyrinth Content!


Find a Boss hidden somewhere in the Labyrinth!
You and your Guild Members have
only 14 days to defeat the Boss!

PART 2.New Guild Level and
Reward System

  • Guild Check-in Reward Check in to your Guild to get check-in rewards!
  • Guild Magic Shop Guild exclusive! Guild Magic Shop!
    Items available in the Shop will vary by the Guilds, so make sure to check it out!
  • Guild Achievement System Various guild achievements!
    Work together with your Guild Members to achieve the achievements to get awesome rewards!
  • Guild Level New Guild level system!
    Powerful guild benefits will be available
    as your Guild levels up!

Guaranteed to
all pre-registration participants!

  • Mystical Scroll x3
  • Rainbowmon x1

A special bonus reward
will be given to all Summoners
who are affiliated to a Guild
before the update!

  • Guild Point
  • Energy

Join a Guild now!

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Event Details
1. Please enter the correct e-mail address.
2. The event reward link will be sent to your e-mail address within a week after the update.
* Make sure to check your Spam Folder if you don't see the e-mail.
3. You must login to the latest version of Summoners War and access the game via the event reward link.
* You must update the game to collect the reward that's newly added with the latest update.
4. Please check the reward at the Inbox after accessing the game via the reward link sent.
5. The reward link is valid thru Aug. 31st, 2018.
6. Participation is limited to once per e-mail address.
7. The reward link is available only once per user. (Per account/ID/Device)
8. Please note that participating in this event through unauthorized methods may result in cancellation of your reward.
9. You can participate in this event regardless of the App market you use (App Store/Google Play).
10. For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting