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Anniversary Update and
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Event Period: Aug. 16th - Until the update

  • 3rd Anniversary Special 4★ Pet "Fairy of Blessing Bell"
  • Awakened Hero
    Selective Draw
  • 3★ Hatzling x10
  • 6★ Hero
    Selective Draw
    Ticket x2
    (Upon login for
    new users)

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Download the game through the link sent to your e-mail.
Run the game through the reward link sent to your e-mail after installing the game.
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Bonus reward only available
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Share Event!

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Don't miss out on the check-in event!

Make sure to participate in the check-in event which will be held after the update. Check in 7 times to get Awakened Refina and special
3rd Anniversary Refina Costume

  • 30 Keys
  • 100,000 Gold
  • 30 Rubies
  • 500 Gems
  • Awakened Refina
  • 6★ Refina
  • 3rd Anniversary Refina Costume
New Server

It's a second global server where users can play in the same server regardless of the country.

Real-time Arena

It's a live arena proceeded based on real-time matching. It'll be a 5vs5 AI Battle and you'll be able to freely replace 5 Heroes that are in battle with 5 other Heroes that are waiting. It's a new PvP content that allows you to enjoy up to 10vs10 battle.

Fallen Andrea

A being born from the fallen energy that covered the world as the Origins of Dark and Light that was balancing the Hermes Continent became unstable. Unlike the other devils, she began to cause many tumults, not for the destruction but for the corruption of the world, and started to be called as the 5th devil. You can challenge the new devil, Andrea, along with 4 existing devils.
6★ Andrea will appear in the Hard Mode and Awakened Andrea will appear in the Hell Mode.

Tower of Corruption

It's a tower ruled by Fallen Andrea, the 5th Devil, and you'll be able to enter the tower for 7 days like other towers. Fallen Andrea will be waiting for the challenge from strong Guilds at the very top of the tower.

Special Upgrade System

It's a new Hero Upgrade System for Extreme Awakened Heroes. You'll be able to perform Special Upgrade on Heroes that have reached the Awakening Lv. 50, and Hero Researcher Min is required for the Special Upgrade. You'll also be able to enhance your Hero's Attack Power/Defense/HP even more if you successfully perform the Special Upgrade.

Deadly Archer Alex

Through a series of battles, he became an expert in poison and is called as a deadly archer because a single shot of his deadly poison shot is more than enough to kill one. His existence brings enormous fear to his enemies while it's an absolute relief to his allies.

Death Guide Vicky

Vicky, who killed countless enemies in countless fights, has continued to grow her power through numerous deaths and she has now become a terror that brings death to all.

God of Devil Knight Kahl

Despite being defeated by the Hermes Heroes and losing everything, Kahl's deeply inhabited anger never disappeared. Through the endless fury, he went beyond the limits and gained the power that made him to be called an absolute being.

Judge of Light Rampart

While fighting against the wicked who were seeking the power of great light, Rampart, who faced the crisis, released his full power as a last resort and unexpectedly gained even stronger power of light.

Dark Incarnation Lai

Lai, who has been continuously exceeding his limit with the power of pure darkness that's never tainted by evil, is now called as the dark itself and became a Hero that represents all of the Dark Elementals.

King of Ice Dragon Riu

Riu, who became the Ice Wizard solely with the power of ice, never settled with his current state although his power reached its peak. He thus grew much stronger and now known as the King of Ice Dragons that reigns over all of the Ice Dragons.

Death Hand Sherry

Based on the experience gained from numerous battlefields, Sherry succeeded in transforming her weapons beyond the limit. The weapon that gained the killing power that goes beyond one's imagination instantly became her symbol and she began to be called as the Death Hand.

Dark Agent Nyx

Nyx achieved the perfect sync with the great power of darkness and the reconciliation with the darkness changed her soul entirely. Now, her will became the will of darkness leading her to be the agent of darkness punishing anything that invades the sanctuary.

King of Destruction Ian

Ian has always been pushing himself to the limit and crushing everything that he sees. He finally exceeded his limit one day and his combat style of destroying everything made him a nickname called the King of Destruction.

Earth Guardian Piet

After being reborn into an elemental, Piet was also enlightened by the power of pure elemental. Her Awakening made her partner, Toad, stronger as well; and after sharing her soul with Toad, she came to realize the true power of the earth.

Light Agent Helene

Helene's strong will to fulfill the noble mission endowed by the goddess awakened a portion of the power of light that was buried deep in the sanctuary. Helene, who accepted the awakened power of light, has become an agent of the light that carries out the will of light.

Undefeatable Fighter V'lok

His unyielding fighting spirit and will to protect the sanctuary of the darkness further amplified the power of darkness he absorbed. The amplified powers of darkness granted V'lok an almighty power, and turned him into an undefeatable fighter.

Please read
The pre-registration reward is available until Sep. 30th, 2017.
Please participate in the pre-registration event again using the same e-mail address you used for the share event if the event count for the share event doesn't add up properly.
The reward will be sent to the e-mail address within 1 week after the update is released.
The download link and the reward link will be sent to your e-mail.
Download the game through the link sent to your e-mail, run the game through the reward link sent to your e-mail after installing the game to collect your Pre-registration Reward at the Inbox.
Participation is limited to once per e-mail address.
The download link can be used to collect the reward once per account.
Please note that participating in this event through unauthorized methods will result in cancellation of your prize.
You can participate in this event regardless of the App market you use (App Store/Google Play).
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